Vehicle tracking software for iPhone-Find My Car

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Find My Car 1.2.4 is a little vehicle location tracking app (0.5MB) based on iPhone to help you find your car. It’s compatible with almost all iOS devices with iOS 6.0 or later. So make sure you have the newest OS on your mobile device.

Find My Car is very simple and easy to use, just save your car position and exit. When you need to locate your car, run the app and click “Find My Car”, then Google maps will open and direct you to your car. You can view your current location with the new version 1.2.7

There are several levels of accuracy:
– POOR (Accuracy > 300 meters)
– FAIR (Accuracy < 300 meters)
– MODERATE (Accuracy < 200 meters)
– GOOD (Accuracy < 100 meters)
– EXCELLENT (Accuracy < 50 meters with GPS)
– IDEAL (Accuracy < 40 meters with GPS)

You need at least GOOD level to save your car position and locate it, also this app works best with iPhone 3G as its GPS is more accurate than GSM localization.

The latest version of this app, 1.2.9, now adds support for bigger screen tablets like iPad.

Find My Car is now available at Apple app store at $0.99.

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