How to find GPS vehicle tracking device on cars

GPS vehicle tracking devices help us greatly in daily life, it send us alerts about traffic snarls, vehicle location, position of other cars on the road within a perimeter of 5 meters, the regular stoppage timings, over speed alerts etc. However sometimes you can be tracked upon without your consent or knowledge through such device that has been installed in your car as well. So you really need to know how to find the hidden GPS tracking devices in your car and there are a few suggestions for you.

GPS vehicle tracking device

1. If a GPS tracker was being installed secretly onto your car, you need to locate its position in your car first. Considering its compact size, it’s not an easy task to accomplish it. It is best to take it to a professional who can help you in locating the GPS tracker and getting rid of it.

2. If you want to locate it yourself, then you may need to look a few places where the tracker can be placed which won’t get your attention. Look under the seats, in the boot area, under the dash board, or around the windshield.

3. Almost all GPS tracker comes with a small antenna. So you can try to find and cover up that antenna so that it is unable to function properly and fails to track the location of your car.

4. A GPS tracker could also come in the form of a passive tracker. This means that the data will be stored in a USB and used later. Such GPS tracking devices are usually installed in a compact box like shape and stuck onto the rear of the car. Disabling such a device would require professional help or one can access websites on spy ware and get instructions.

5. There is also a simple cigarette type plug-in GPS tracking device, but it requires a detector to work. Such a detector is available on spy ware websites as well. The wires in this cigarette plug-in adapter have to be disconnected to disable it, so you may try to find if there is such a detector in your car.

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