Free GPS vehicle tracking software GSM Tracker v3.19

Aspicore GSM Tracker for Symbian s60v3 is an free AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) tracking software to see your track or care on Google earth or, it can also be used to track a personal location. See your track or care in real time on Google Earth or Aspicore GSM Fleet Tracker is intended for fleet location tracking.


-View your entire fleet tracking locations from your desktop.
-Get to know the closest vehicle or technician to the next job site.
-Access yesterday’s detailed route history for every vehicle in your fleet.
-Protect your Symbiam cell phones against theft.
-Track your vehicle or truck free any time everywhere.

Althogh it names itself GSM tracker, you need to place your mobile device on your car in order to locate it. It also needs internet connection (WiFi, or 3G/4G) to upload and pinpoint it on an online map like Google Maps. The interesting part is, you can always view the traces later on PC and export the file and share with others.

I have not seen any Android or iOS version yet, not to mention Windows Phone OS.

You can download this free vehicle tracking software here now to track your vehicle, fleet, care or truck for free.

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