Free iPhone real-time vehicle tracking-Take Me to My Car 1.2

Take Me to My Car1.2

Take Me to My Car 1.2 is a free real-time vehicle tracking application for your iPhone, it was developed by a Stanford graduate student. Take Me to My Car allows anyone who has an Apple Gps iPhone to save his/her current car parking position on a Gps map, and he/she can look up it anytime later. So people would never have to worry about forgetting where his/her car is parked and wasting time searching for it later so as to save time and energy.  The iPhone users only have to save the parking position with two taps include run the app, and it also directs you to your parking location with one tap. You can use it as a regular Gps map too, that is, you can browse and zoom in / out on your map with Take Me to My Car.

Besides, It is very simple and easy to use, free as well. You can download this free vehicle tracking software at Apple App Store.

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